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	$xcrud = Xcrud::get_instance();
    $xcrud->columns('customerName,phone,city,country'); // columns in grid
    $xcrud->fields('customerName,creditLimit,salesRepEmployeeNumber'); // fields in details
    echo $xcrud->render();


1Signal Gift Stores7025551838Las VegasUSA
2Australian Collectors, Co.03 9520 4555MelbourneAustralia
3Baane Mini Imports07-98 9555StavernNorway
4Mini Gifts Distributors Ltd.4155551450San RafaelUSA
5Zbyszek Zbyszek Piestrzeniewicz 1266427555WarszawaPoland
6Blauer See Auto, Co.+49 69 66 90 2555FrankfurtGermany
7Mini Wheels Co.6505555787San FranciscoUSA
8Land of Toys Inc.2125557818NYCUSA
9Euro+ Shopping Channel(91) 555 94 44MadridSpain
10Volvo Model Replicas, Co0921-12 3555LuleåSweden
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