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Simple Advanced filter

	$xcrud = Xcrud::get_instance();	
	$xcrud->label("customerNumber","Customer Number");
	$xcrud->label("paymentDate","Payment Date");
	//1st Param: whether to show or hide advanced search button
	//2nd Param: Position to show advanced panel. Can be top, bottom, right or left
	//3rd Param: Makes the advanced panel either opened or closed on window load

	//1st Param: Sequence of field arrangement. Start with 1
	//2nd Param: Field Name
	//3rd Param: Operator can be "<",">","=","IN","LIKE"
	//4th Param: Search Column Title
	$xcrud->advanced_filter(1,"amount",">","Amount Greater Than");

	$xcrud->advanced_filter(2,"amount","<","Amount Less Than");
	$xcrud->advanced_filter(3,"paymentDate",">", "Payment date greater than ");
	$xcrud->advanced_filter(4,"checkNumber","LIKE", "Check Number Like ");

	echo $xcrud->render();	



#Customer NumberChecknumberPayment DateAmount 
1141144146IN44625825.03.2005 00:00:0066071.55 View Edit Remove
2141JE105477PAUL18.03.2005 00:00:00120166.58 View Edit Remove
3141JN35528026.10.2003 00:00:0049539.37 View Edit Remove
4141JN72201025.02.2003 00:00:0040206.2 View Edit Remove
5141MF62960216.08.2004 00:00:0020009.53 View Edit Remove
6141NU62770617.05.2004 00:00:0026155.91 View Edit Remove
7144IR84630312.12.2004 00:00:0036005.71 View Edit Remove
8144LA68567809.04.2003 00:00:007674.94 View Edit Remove
9145CN32854503.07.2004 00:00:004710.73 View Edit Remove
10145ED39322MARK26.04.2004 00:00:0028211.7 View Edit Remove
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