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Inline Editing (Double Click) Bootstrap 4.5 theme

Inline Editing - One Column Only(Customer Number) - Double Click

	$xcrud = Xcrud::get_instance();	
	$xcrud->table_name("Employees - Inline Editing - Double Click on 'Customer Number' Column to edit!");
	$xcrud->fields_inline('customerNumber');//set the fields to allow inline editing
	$xcrud->inline_edit_click('double_click');//can be 'double_click' or 'single_click'
    echo $xcrud->render();


Employees - Inline Editing - Double Click on 'Customer Number' Column to edit!

1119lk08.08.2004 00:00:001 View Edit
2119NG9469422.02.2005 00:00:001 View Edit
31212DB889831ww16.02.2003 00:00:0050218.95 View Edit
4121KI83135904.11.2004 00:00:0017876.32 View Edit
5121MA30215128.11.2004 00:00:0034638.14 View Edit
6124AE21543305.03.2005 00:00:00101244.59 View Edit
7124BG25540628.08.2004 00:00:0085410.87 View Edit
8124CQ28796711.04.2003 00:00:0011044.3 View Edit
9124ET6439616.04.2005 00:00:0083598.04 View Edit
10124HI36647427.12.2004 00:00:0047142.7 View Edit