DEMO SITE v1.7.20

One million rows Bootstrap 5 theme

Demo with very large tables. Don't forget, that in large tables your columns must be indexed to give you maximum speed

	$xcrud = Xcrud::get_instance();
    $xcrud->limit_list('20,50,100,1000'); // do not use 'all' for large tables
    $xcrud->benchmark(); // lets see performance
    echo $xcrud->render();


#User IdCd KeySumActivated 
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3520608S25UIHYF8-CW1Z8RF0F-SARSC65NT13.92No View Edit Remove
4520608TPK8HTZV1-DNCBQ45V8-TYOEF8E7S13.92No View Edit Remove
5520608WHXYW3OJ9-EXGFBZSF3-WRWXL9EIH13.92No View Edit Remove
63457803VZ9GCLZU-CKGDSX1DS-547HX7O4114.09No View Edit Remove
734578042AF4AFCA-D4UMFFZSW-5CIFG8GXT14.09No View Edit Remove
834578047ZRTACQ2-DNADSQHHC-5K0NZGC8X14.09No View Edit Remove
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