DEMO SITE v1.7.15

Modal and buttons Minimal theme

Modal() can show full value of separate cell in modal window. Additional buttons can be added in buttons columns. Button() method supports {field_tags}

    $xcrud = Xcrud::get_instance();
    $xcrud->change_type('image', 'image', false, array(
        'width' => 450,
        'path' => '../uploads/gallery',
        'thumbs' => array(array(
                'height' => 55,
                'width' => 120,
                'crop' => true,
                'marker' => '_th'))));
    $xcrud->button('index.php?page=modal_and_buttons&theme=bootstrap', 'bootstrap theme');
    $xcrud->button('index.php?page=modal_and_buttons&theme=default', 'default theme');
    echo $xcrud->render();


1Big TreeNo
2Nunc congue facilisis bibendum. Fusce mollis elitYes
3Cras quis quam quis est interdum suscipit. Ut…Yes
4Duis elementum facilisis massa quis rhoncus.Yes
5Nulla lobortis, velit ut aliquet commodo, purus…Yes
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