Our roadmap

xCRUD has come out to be a popular tool among programmers due to the ease of use and its powerful capabilities. With time, our team has reviewed many responses and at the same time has been involved in implementing great features with this tool. New Ideas of how it should work have been identified and queued for developmemt. We are in the course of building an even much greater product.

Previous Version Release Fixes

We are now at V1.7.15

V1.7.18 - Batch Image upload Future

V1.7.17 - Semantic UI Theme Inclusion Future - Bootstap 4 button formating

V1.7.16 Background Highlight on tabulator Currently Underway Future - Addition of feature xcrud->max_row_addition(5);Ensures user to only add the specified rows

V1.7.15 - You can upload and play videos
- Turn on or off verification key - public static $autoclean_activate = false;
- Table Logging for all table action
- new translation command
echo $xcrud->translate_external_text("welcome")
- you can add confirmation message for most action
$xcrud->confirm_edit_action_msg("Want to proceed with editing?");
$xcrud->confirm_add_action_msg("Want to proceed with editing?");
- grouping of table by a field
- group field summation

V1.7.14 Tabulator relationship error

V1.7.13 - Google Map api fixed to take in api key - Modal & Side edit issue. When you edit a record and try add a new record, it edits the previous record.

V1.7.12 - Bug Fix. Removed form validation on clicking return - Toast Messages now added as a feature - Field Arrangement & Grouping now added as a feature >> Beta Stage - Bug fix for inline edit - not functional when $xcud-unset_edit is used - Better Formating of tabulator action buttons to fit in table

V1.7.11 - Addition of the feature to move next and previous in edit view

V1.7.10 - Fixed bug where inline editing caused an error on clicking on different cells - Bulk delete when placed on the right had a bug where by on clicking the main checkbox never effected the rest.

V1.7.9 - extra select column on button logic - inline editing on multiple instances error

V1.7.8 - Bulk edit added a last column erroniously - its been fixed - Inline edit had a bug when columns were fewer than total table columns . Its been fixed - New feature for inline edit to specify wheher single click or not

V1.7.7 - Inline editing added as a feature

V1.7.6 - Parsley Validator included as a feature.

V1.7.5 - Bulk Action/Delete Implemented/Added as a feature

V1.7.4 - Pagenation fixed. Was not working on some instances

V1.7.3 -Improved Bootstrap 4 formating and UI issues correction

V1.7.2 - action buttons not formatted well

V1.7.1 - side and modal edit mode added as a feature - Bug fix on loading bar, not show on all instances - Updates include - Fixed Bug Bootstrap table was not contained in border. - No errors for php V 7.4 - Documentation included - xlsx download format now works - pdf download now works - Missing action buttons missing below any table fixed

Simple syntax
Fast ajax interface
Field type autodetect
Simple validation
Visual text editor
Themes and localization
Bootstrap support
Tabulator support

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