xCRUD, Data management system

A simple-usage but powerful Create-Read-Update-Delete (CRUD) generator application for PHP and MySQL. Now Supports PHP 8.0

500+ positive reviews at Code Canyon, Ver 1.6.26

4000+ people use XCrud to build solutions

Now Supports PHP 5.0.x, 7.0.x, 7.1.x, 7.2.x, 7.3.x, 7.4.x, 8.0

Simple, powerful & easy to code
Bootstrap 4 support
Dynamic form generation
Inline Edit
Tabulator support
Multilingual support
Data export capability
Image upload support
New xCrud 1.7 for just $29

xCRUD 1.7

The new xCRUD (v1.7) provides users with updated libraries optimizing performance and introducing new important improvements on its usage. Community user feedback has enabled the xCRUD team to fix bugs and release a much stable version! Integration is key in our product and so we have seen such powerfull tools like tabulator integrated with xCRUD.

Some of the features for xCRUD (v1.7) include

  • Bootstrap 4 support
  • Parsley validation integration
  • Toast notifications
  • Verification key deactivation
  • Modal Edit Forms
  • Updated Libraries
  • Form view grouping & List view grouping

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Positive reviews at Code Canyon, Ver 1.6.26

Users who have purchased xCRUD 1.6

Users who successfully use xCRUD 1.7

Hard Workers

Every single improvement matters..

Roadmap for xCRUD 1.7.x

xCRUD has come out to be a popular tool among programmers due to the ease of use and its powerful capabilities. With time, our team has reviewed many responses and at the same time it has been involved in implementing great features with this tool. New Ideas of how it should work have been identified and queued for developmemt. We are in the course of building an even much greater product.


Multiple instance bug for modal

Added dynamic search on typing

Xcrud_config::$search_on_typing = true;

Advanced search date field not working

Externalize path for batch upload

fix bug normal search not working


xCRUD - CodeIgnighter 3 Integration

Support of PHP Version 8.1

Edit Side Panel View have been improved to ensure grid expands accordingly


xCRUD - Laravel Integration


Batch Image upload


V1.7.17 - Semantic UI Theme Inclusion

Multi-Filter search - be ale to search with multiple individual columns

- Add refresh button on every listing. Can be hidden

Semantic UI theme included

Bootstrap 5 included

When record is added in a nested tab, window goes back to that tab

Capability to Add action button inside forms view


Background Highlight on tabulator

List view implementation of action buttons

Addition of feature xcrud->max_row_addition(5); Ensures user to only add the specified rows

2nd level list grouping

Bug - grouping of relation field not to show ID but show Name


Turn on or off verification key - public static $autoclean_activate = false;

Table Logging for record modification that include add, edit or delete

New translation command
echo $xcrud->translate_external_text("welcome")

Confirmation message configuration for actions that include Add, Remove and Edit

Listing Grouping by a specified field

Listing Grouping Summation

Video Upload & Playback


Fix Tabulator relationship error


Google Map api fixed to take in api key - Modal & Side edit issue. When you edit a record and try add a new record, it edits the previous record.


Bug Fix. Removed form validation on clicking return

Toast Messages now added as a feature

Field Arrangement & Grouping now added as a feature >> Beta Stage

Bug fix for inline edit

not functional when $xcud-unset_edit is used

Better Formating of tabulator action buttons to fit in table


Addition of the feature to move next and previous in edit view


Fixed bug where inline editing caused an error on clicking on different cells

Bulk delete when placed on the right had a bug where by on clicking the main checkbox never effected the rest.


extra select column on button logic

inline editing on multiple instances error


Bulk edit added a last column erroniously

Inline edit had a bug when columns were fewer than total table columns.

New feature for inline edit to specify wheher single click or not.


Inline editing added as a feature


Parsley Validator included as a feature


Bulk Action/Delete Implemented/Added as a feature


Pagenation fixed. Was not working on some instances


Improved Bootstrap 4 formating and UI issues correction


Action buttons not formatted well


Side and modal edit mode added as a feature

Bug fix on loading bar, not show on all instances

Fixed Bug Bootstrap table was not contained in border.

No errors for php V 7.4

Documentation included

Tabulator xlsx download format now works

Tabulator pdf download now works

Missing action buttons missing below any table fixed

Every single improvement matters..

Roadmap for xCRUD Pro 1.0

xCRUD pro takes xCRUD 1.7 to the next level by developing a great framework to save time and resources With one of our goals being able to provide a script that reduces the development time

V1.1 (Upcoming)

Registration Module

Window/Tab Configuration Module

No need to write code for listing and edit. Configuration will be done by admin after login

All table and form configuration will be done by adding or editing a record.

Automated installation

xCrud Pro V1.0 (Current)

Authentication Module

User/Role Configuration Module

Role/Menu Configuration Module.

Full Bootstrap UI Theme integration

All xCrud 1.7 features are incorporated into xCrud Pro



xCRUD 1.7 has rich features that are important in any business process automation.

  • All
  • Simple Demo
  • Tabs
  • Inline Edit
  • Edit Outlay

Record Addition

A simple example with bootstrap theme

Records Listing

A simple example with bootstrap theme

Inline Editing

edit records on the listings

Create Tabs with minimal coding

3 Tabs Demo

Inline editing with validations

You can configure validations such as parsley for inline editing

Rich in components

xCrud is rich in compnents that include datepickers, combo , text Editors and many more

List grouping

Group a listing based on a field

Nest Tables inside tabs

Nested tables inside tabs

Nested Tabs Show on Modal Window

Nested Tabs Show on Modal Window

Inline editing with support for date pickers

Inline edit of date fields

Side Edit Form

Edit form and listing on same page


Edit form displayed through modal

XCRUD: Fortifying Your Data Fortress with Unparalleled Security Precision.

Why XCrud?
  • Writing code for a CRUD application can be hundred lines of code BUT with xCrud its just as little as 3 lines of code.

  • xCRUD implements Singleton pattern, so it can be initialized in any part of the script as desired. It will not appear on the performance, because you will always work with a single original object xCRUD. You can pre-set parameters and output data in different parts of your script: in different functions, classes, or even in different files. This way, you can create custom settings for your specific set xCRUD (first, read the configuration file, most of the default settings can be done there).
  • xCRUD implements multi-instance system, which allows a single page load multiple instances xCRUD and work with multiple tables simultaneously. Regardless on how many copies, xCRUD open only one connection to your database, which is also significantly improves performance gains.
  • You can connect every instance to different database and work not only with different tables on the page, but also with multiple databases even on one page.
  • xCRUD uses native php session. For each request, each instance is generating unique validation key that becomes invalid immediately after usage, which ensures a secure, as well as ease and independence ajax-side of the application. Also you can use experimental alternative session, but for this you need mcrypt and memcache(d) modules installed on your server.
  • xCRUD supports all popular types of MySQL fields. Also, you can control the display of your fields, establish simple validation rules. xCRUD enables working with visual editor for text fields, date- and time-picker for date fields, automatically generates a drop-down lists for the fields of ENUM and SET. xCRUD will generate interactive google map for POINT type.
  • You can use any text editor for textarea field. xCRUD has preinstalled configs for TinyMCE and CKEditor.
  • xCRUD supports file and image uploading, unlimited thumbs creation and resizing. Blob storage is also available.
  • xCRUD provides control over your data. You can change the data directly to the entry through the callback function, and get the data immediately after writing to the database (eg for password hashing or creation (updating) data in other tables. You can create callbacks for most general actions.
  • You can completely change the look xCRUD, editing just one small css file. You can easy create your own themes or just different screens (templates) for some actions in same template.
  • xCRUD supports localization via ini files, so you can easy create your unique language file.
Buy xCRUD 1.7 for $29!
Taking xCRUD 1.7 to the next level..

xCRUD pro v 1.0

xCRUD pro takes xCRUD 1.7 to the next level by developing a great framework to save time and resources

With one of our goals being able to provide a script that reduces the development time,

xCrud Pro 1.0 builds on top of xCrud 1.7 to provide these exciting features

  • Authentication Module
  • User/Role Configuration Module
  • Role/Menu Configuration Module
  • All xCrud 1.7 features are incorporated into xCrud Pro
  • Full Bootstrap UI Theme integration

With xCrud Pro, you are left dealing with xCrud pages & business logic only. If you have an existing xCrud 1.7 application, you can easily migrate it to the new xCrud Pro. Or you could drop us an email at xcrud17@gmail.com with your requirements and we will give you a quote and plan of action.



username/password : admin/abc123

Demo 1.7;
username/password : demo_1.7/abc123

Demo 1.6;
username/password : demo_1.6/abc123

xCRUD Pro merged with LTE THEME Template



username/password : admin/abc123

Demo 1.7;
username/password : demo_1.7/abc123

Demo 1.6;
username/password : demo_1.6/abc123

xCRUD Pro merged with ANGLE THEME Template

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xCRUD Pro Documentation

How to use xCRUD Pro

To quickly know how to use xCRUD Pro, read the documentation below

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