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# Q: Verification key is out of date

I constantly get the message,

The verification key is out of date
This means that your browser cached a previous version of this page with an old key (for security reasons the verification key is generated every request)
Why? Maybe you pressed the back button in your browser or opened a bookmark from last session.

How do I go about this?

# A: Verification key is out of date

The above error means that the xCRUD session has expired and so the above message is thrown. You can do the following to avoid this error:

Go to xcrud_config.php and locate the line

public static $autoclean_timeout = 30000000;

Ensure that it has a high value like above 30000000.

Also find the line below and set $autoclean_activate to false.

public static $autoclean_activate = false;

# Q: Verification key message customization

Can i customize the verification key message?

# A: Verification key message customization

Yes, as shown below.

public static $session_error_message = "your message";
Last Updated: 4/15/2021, 3:23:30 PM